Online Recruitment: Pros and Cons

Published: 19th May 2011
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Online recruitment refers to a recruitment model that uses the internet to find suitable candidates for a job. The basic premise is that companies can advertise

their job vacancies through the medium of the World Wide Web instead of using print technology. Such advertisement can be published through Job Portal or Corporate

websites. Interested candidates respond to the ad and the selection process can continue so forth. Today online recruitment agencies have also come into being, many of

which even provide recruitment consultancy services.

There are several advantages of using online recruitment over traditional methods. The most evident merit of this system is that it has a wider geographical reach.

In this day and age, people are more comfortable and accustomed to using the internet for all their needs, and many search for job opportunities through it as well.

Online Recruitment is therefore, not restrained by geographical boundaries, and can reach out to a lot more job seekers than any other method can. One may argue that

simply a larger pool of applicants will not ensure better recruitment, for it may comprise of people who are not qualified or even interested. This is fundamentally

true, but there are several specialist software providers for online recruitment that also carry out tasks of sifting and elimination of unsuitable candidates.

Also, online recruitment is a faster medium, as an advertisement goes on air in a matter of minutes, and people, will and do; respond to job ads immediately if they

are interested. This also relieves the burden on a firmís HR department which now enters the recruitment process at a later stage. Moreover, online recruitment is more

cost effective, without the usual costs of designing, printing and advertising involved. What is more, recruitment consultancy from online recruitment agencies

provides a firm with the best alternatives for organizing their selection process. Engaging such services is also less expensive when compared to traditional

recruitment agencies.

The bottom line here is that online recruitment has further diversified the employment domain by providing a viable option that firms can utilize to fill the

vacancies in their companies. Most firms that begin using the internet for recruitment rarely ever revert back to older techniques. While the merits of online

recruitment are self evident, any glitch in the process is usually a very minor problem of human error. However, one has to try this technique to get a real grasp of

its superiority over other recruitment methods.

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