Recruitment Consultancy - Link Between Employer and Employee

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Published: 19th September 2011
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In recent business world, the main dictum of all the business firms are to utilize its resources in the most efficient and effective manner by saving time and money of the business firms. Any successful business person should execute its work quickly in the most price efficient manner. In the present dayís business world a new term consultancy is introduced and is widely used by leading business firms for carrying out the recruitment process. The fresh recruitment of staff in the business organization is done through the recruitment consultants.

A recruitment consultant acts as an important link between the employer and employee. All the recruitment consultants offer a great help to both the employers and employees. A recruitment consultant offers expert recruitment consultancy and sound advice regarding a possible vacancy. A recruitment consultant can analyze an individualís CV to determine whether it is of a sufficient quality to be sent out to any potential employers and once the CV is ready to be seen by a potential employer a recruitment consultant will find a job that is specific to the individualís requirements. An employer in search of candidates to fill the vacancies takes the help of recruitment consultants and recruitment consultancy agencies. The employers can access to the vast database of potential candidates through recruitment consultancy agencies.

Every business firms follows a recruitment process when the management of the firm decides to recruit new staff. The firm makes an advertisement in newspapers to fill vacancies in business houses inviting CV from the candidates who are aspiring to join the business house. Then the selection procedure is followed and after selection final interview takes place. This usual procedure of recruitment by the company is a very time consuming and costly affair as advertising costs and the cost of postal charges remains included in them. The recent norms of the business firms are to appointing consultancy to avoid the old cumbersome methods of recruitment processes. The recruitment consultant takes the whole of the responsibility on behalf of the management for carrying out total recruitment process.

The cost of total of recruitment procedure is minimized by appointing recruitment consultancy. It not only minimizes recruitment costs but also saves a lot of time of the management by appointing recruitment consultants.

Recruitment consultancy agencies have their own dedicated and hard working team of members which looks after the entire recruitment process of the business firm and undertakes a contract with the business firm for the same purpose and fulfills the entire procedure in an efficient, sound and professional manner.

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